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Because the harmful side effects of medications or medical devices are not always known until after they have been used on patients, Consumer Advocacy News strives to keep the public informed of the most up-to-date issues surrounding prescription and over-the-counter medications and medical devices used by the American public. Every patient has the right to be fully aware of the risks of any medication or device; however, medical industry manufacturers, marketers, and distributors often fail to include the proper safety warnings and risks.

Without detailed knowledge concerning all potential risk factors, neither a patient nor a doctor can make a sufficiently informed decision about using a particular medication or medical implant. With thousands of people hurt and killed each year by the harmful side effects of medications and medical devices, knowledge is the only way that American consumers can keep themselves empowered and protected.

Because pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers are not always forthright with information, Consumer Advocacy News provides the public with accurate, up-to-date information on medical industry products they need to look out for. From FDA recalls to new clinical studies, Consumer Advocacy News has you covered.